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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sad Day for Marquette Bball

I was on Twitter today when one of my followers CrackedSidewlks posted a link from a Louisville blogger. At first when I started reading the entry, I thought this blogger was going to be inconsiderate about Dominic James "DJ" and his career ending injury; but after reading the entire post, I appreciate his thoughts from one sports fan to another.

Zakem2002, the Louisville blogger, describes DJ's best traits. He explains that his traits were:
  1. DJ established himself as the floor leader of one of our more bitter rivals in Marquette
  2. DJ did it as a freshman, solidifying his place alongside Laettner, Prickett, and Diener as a guy who would seemingly take a decade to graduate from college
  3. DJ was a pretty good ball player on both ends of the floor; lightning quick, good handles, good defense, decent shot
  4. DJ always seemed to have better than "pretty good" games against Louisville
Zakem2002 continues by saying "Yes, I despise Dominic James for all the reasons outlined above, but venturing deeper into my soul, I come to find why I like him even more. The reasons to like James are far more obvious than the reasons not to."

Zakem2002 concludes with "I hope that on Sunday Dominic James is on the floor when his team is warming up an hour or so before the game. If he is, I might take the time to walk down and tell him all the reasons that Cards fans hated seeing him check into games, but why they hate seeing him on the sidelines even more."

I feel like Zakem2002's loyalty to UofL and his passion for sports is equivalent to my loyalty to Marquette and my passion for sports. I would appreciate to meet Zakem2002 and if DJ attends the game Sunday, I would personally introduce him (Zakem2002) because DJ is one of my friends.

Thanks to Marquette Head Coach, Brent "Buzz" Williams, I will be traveling to Louisville for the first time to attend the "Whiteout." Buzz was generous and provided me with 4 tickets to the game for being such a devoted Marquette fan. I have traveled to 5 MU away games this season (NCstate, Rutgers, Notre Dame, DePaul, Georgetown) am 5/5 on MU victories. Hopefully my attendance Sunday will bring MU another victory.

We are... MARQUETTE!


  1. Hey this is Daniel Zakem from Louisville. First off, sorry about the loss of James; UofL has been there with injuries, and your boys will rise to the occasion. Second, I am going to take you up on your offer of meeting you and your friend DJ on Sunday. Email me at daniel.zakem@gmail.com and I'll get you my phone number along with some ideas of where to eat in the city if you get the chance to wander. My seats are close to the visitor bench, so we will be able to find each other pretty easily. Until I hear from you, have a good one in Wisconsin.

  2. This is so great that the Louisville kid found you! the power of social media is definitely at work! It's so interesting to see what other people are writing about!


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