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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Athletes, Models, and Reporters

My Dad was the one responsible for introducing me to sports. As a child, I was involved in soccer, swimming, and basketball. I continued these three sports through middle school. When I enrolled at Washington-Lee High School for some reason I decided to drop all three sports and peruse three completely new sports. My freshmen year, I decided to run cross-country and join the crew team and row. I made both Varsity teams as a freshman which was an amazing accomplish for me since I had never competed in either sport. In crew, I was on boats that went to Stotesbury in Philadelphia and to Nationals. My junior year, I was burnt out from rowing and decided to join the lacrosse team. Again, I made varsity but in my opinion I wasn't really good. I thought lax was a great sport and I had fun but as a team we sucked in competition.

I am also a huge fan of attending sports events and if my teams are within driving distance, I GO! My teams include the Marquette Golden Eagles (NCAA), the Green Bay Packers (NFL), the Detroit Red Wings (NHL), Chelsea FC (EPL) and the Wisconsin Badgers-Football (NCAA). My dad is responsible for making me a sports fan because he raised me as a Packers and Badgers fan since he's originally from Madison and a UW alum. Little did he know that I would grow up and become such a big sports fan.

Now that you have a brief background on the teams I support, let me tell you about the coaches and players I've met.

Coach, Barry Alverez, Uni. of Wisconsin Football (8.30.2003: in Morgantown, WV) - Coach Alverez and the Badgers were pulling up in their buses with a police escort when he was the first off the bus to greet me and my three friends who were all painted out. He thanked us for coming and said that he was excited to kick-off the season! I guess he was serious because on the first possession, the Badgers blocked a punt and recovered the ball in the end-zone where we were siting (10 rows up) and apparently on TV going nuts!

Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Team:
Coach, Bo Ryan, Uni. of Wisconsin Basketball (1.8.2005: in Bloomington, IN) - My girl friend at the time and I went on a road trip from DC to Indiana for the Badgers vs Hoosiers basketball game! It took us ten hours to get to Bloomington but it was worth it because when we showed up to our hotel (the Courtyard) we saw a sign that read "Welcome Wisconsin Mens Basketball." After we checked-in to the hotel we saw Kammron Taylor walking to the snack machine. I saw him and said "Dude, you're Kammron Taylor." He was like "yup who are you guys?" I responded by introducing ourselves and told him that "we drove 10 hours from Virginia for the game!" I then asked "are you guys staying in this hotel?" He said "yeah on the 4th floor, come on up once your settled in!" We went upstairs and when we walked out of the elevator Mike Wilkinson, Alondo Tucker, and Brian Butch greeted us and said "Are you the fans from Virginia?" The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast only to find the entire UW Bball team were also eating. After breakfast, star player Alando Tucker took the time to pose for a picture with me. Later that day, I had this strange feeling that someone was standing outside our room and when I opened it, Head Coach, Bo Ryan was standing there and said "just wake up from a nap?" I laughed and said yeah, have to rest up to cheer loud tonight!" He then also took the time for a picture!  The following year I  ran into Kammron Taylor in Madison on State Street during Halloween and he remembered me as the Virginia Fan!

Devin Harris, at the time Dallas Mavericks "NBA - Rookie" but now with Utah Jazz (2/18/2005 in Denver CO "All-star weekend") - I waited patiently outside with other NBA fans of the hotel where the All-stars were staying and saw Devin Harris, the former stud the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball team. No one in the group of fans knew who he was except me. At the time, he was talking to this attractive girl when I yelled for "Devin, I'm the biggest Badger fan in the world!" He looked up because I caught his attention. I continued by telling him "I have pictures with your former team and I want one with you!" He responded "I got you, I got you!" 10 minutes later, Devin was still talking to that girl... so I yelled again from the barrier gate, "Dude are you coming to see these pics?" He sent the girl over first to check the pictures out and yelled "He's telling the truth." So he came over and saw that I was wearing a Badgers shirt and we got a picture together and we conversed. I told him that if he had stayed his senior year to play for the Badgers that they'd be in first place in the Big Ten and that they'd win the Conference out right. He agreed.

Bobby Purify, Running Back for University of Colorado (Regis University Bball game in Denver, Colorado) - When I attended Regis University my freshmen year, my best friend played, Turner Scholl, played basketball for them. As a result, I became close with both the mens and womens teams. One of the girls on the women's team was seeing Bobby Purify who was the star Running Back for the Buffaloes. I went over and introduced myself and sat with him for a few minutes during half-time since there wasn't many people/fans at the game. 

Kobe Bryant, (3.24.2005 in Denver, CO) - My friend Turner and I scored free tickets to the Lakers vs Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center.  Our seats were located directly behind the Lakers bench.  During the game, Kobe was BOOed every time he touched the ball because he was allegedly being charged for rape in the State of Colorado.  Fans were chanting "How's your wife?" and "You're a Rapist."  The Lakers ended up getting killed by 20 but Kobe still made some ridiculous moves and one dunk I'll never forget.  Near the end of the game when Kobe was on the bench and still being heckled "You suck Kobe, I still hate you" a fan yelled.  I simply said "Kobe I sill think you're the man," and he turned around and thanked me and gave me a high five. Kobe's teammate, Luke Walton, turned around to and I said, "don't worry Luke we still love you too," both players turned and gave us the head nod to show appreciation.
Coach, George Karl (3.24.2005 in Denver, CO) - While sitting court-side of the Lakers at Nuggets game, a classmate of mine from Regis University approached me and gave my friend Turner and I, VIP tickets to the Nuggets locker-room since he worked for the team.  While waiting for the players to change, I saw Carmelo Anthony walk passed and met Earl Boykins and his wife (who is also very short).  I also met the head coach, George Karl who asked me to hold his shoes while he signed autographs. He was a downed to earth and really cool.

Shaun White "Flying Tomato" (X-Games 2005 in Aspen, CO) - My friends and I from Regis University decided to drive up to Aspen for the Winter X-games.  I lucked out because one of the guys on my dorm wing had a chalet that we could stay at.  When we arrived to base of the mountain, we walked up along side of the Half-pipe to watch the women's event.  While we were watching the snowboarders warm-up, one of the boarders stopped right in front of us.  I couldn't see the face of what I thought would be a girl since they were next on the schedule, I tried to use my charming voice and ask "how are you doing?"  To my surprise, the snowboarder responded in a deep voice, "not bad at all." Then I noticed some red hair peeking out and asked "Are you Shaun White?" "Sure am" replied the snowboarder.  Shaun asked us "where you guys from?" and we told him "from all over but we go to college in Denver."  He responded "right on! Well guys what trick should I do for you guys next?" So I said a "1080." He gave us all a fist pound and dropped into the pipe and did a 1080 for us.  So awesome!  I'd like to add that the blue outlining of the Halfpipe is made up of Blue Raspberry Syrup. I ate some of it and it was like a giant snow cone!!

Chelsea Football Club (07.23.2009 in Baltimore, MD)
John Terry
After sneaking into the InterContinental Hotel to see if the Chelsea FC was staying there; my friend Alex and  I decided to go to the lobby restaurant to order some food.  As we walked towards the restaurant we passed a ballroom set up with plates and a buffet style.  After ordering our food, a little boy with a Chelsea shirt came running in and yelled to his mom "They're here!" I didn't believe him so I got up and walked towards the ballroom and sure enough, the entire team was sitting down for dinner.  After a while, Hotel security, Jerome, walked in and said "If you are not staying in
Asley Cole
the hotel or have not yet ordered food, you have to leave now."  Luckily, Alex and I had just ordered our food.  Jerome returned and said "the Chelsea players are finishing up their meal and will come in here to relax any minute. You are not allowed to approach them, take photos, or ask for autographs."
Petr Cech
Two minutes later, in walks Captain, Legend, Leader, John Terry!  He came right up to me since I was wearing his #6 England jersey.  He made his rounds, saying hello to the handful of Chelsea Fans and returned to sit next to me for about an hour.  We talked about David Beckham and Landon Donovan's relationship as well as if the MLS would ever be as popular as the EPL.  While I was conversing with JT, Ashley Cole and Goal Keeper, Petr Cech came over!
Didier Drogba
After finishing dinner, Alex and I went up to the players rooms where we met Deco and Golden Boot winner, Didier Drogba.  John Terry was laying on the table face down, butt naked, getting a massage while the rest of the guys were watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians." The masseuse, even offered me to strip down for a free massage.  I chuckled and said "you guys don't want to see the bear," and everyone laughed.  After about 30 minutes, we decided to leave the hotel on our own and not over stay our welcome.  This was the best night of my life!

Caitlin "Katie" Uze (11.24.2010 in Arlington, VA) - 2010-2011 Miss Virginia.  I went to high school with Katie at Washington-Lee High School.  The night before Thanksgiving, I ran into Katie and I congratulated her on her win and we briefly caught up.  I didn't want to bother her because she was with her boy friend but she posed for a quick photo before I left the bar. 

MARQUETTE Golden Eagles Basketball teams (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) Notable Players include Steve Novak (NBA - San Antonio Spurs), Jerel McNeal (NBA D-league), Dominic James, Wesley Matthews (NBA - Portland Trailblazers), Lazar Hayward (NBA - Minnesota Timberwolves), & Jimmy Butler. Other teammates include Darius Johnson-Odom, Dwight Buycks, Maurice Acker. My personal friends were Jamil Lott, Wesley Matthews, Lawrence "Trend" Blackledge, Patrick Hazel, David Cubillan, Joe Fulce, & Chris Otule. 

Tom Crean, now with Indiana
Coach Tom Crean, at the time Marquette University, now at Indiana University. (We met several times in Milwaukee, WI) - I can't remember the first time I met Coach Crean but I know it was during my first year as a student at Marquette. He autographed my MU basketball and a MU flag.

Steve Novak, drafted by the Houston Rockets and was traded to the LA Clippers, now currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs . I met him at several Marquette Basketball events on campus. One summer, I was in Milwaukee celebrating a friends birthday and we hit up the bars on Water Street and in walks Steve. He was nice enough to pose for a picture with Lizzy and I.  

Dwayne Wade, drafted by the Miami Heat in 2003.  I had 2 encounters with Wade. 
  1. While I was a student at Marquette and Wade showed up to "Marquette Madness" October 2007.  He was our celebrity judge for the Dunk Contest.  After Madness was over I tried to get Wade to sign my/his #3 MU jersey but all the students rushed the floor so he only gave me a high five. 
  2. Wade Coaching MU players
    Me with Wade's Arm Sleeve
  3. After LeBron James made his announcement of "taking his talents to South Beach" I was able to find decent priced tickets on eBay for when Miami Heat was in town to play the Washington Wizards.  After the game, I maneuvered my way near the Miami tunnel where after scoring 33 points and leading the Heat to a 123-107 victory, he came over and gave me his arm sleeve... when really all I wanted was him to sign #3 Wade, Marquette Jersey!

Jay Bilas (1.26.2009 in South Bend, IN) - a four year starter at Duke University who is now an analyst for ESPN.  I drove to South Bend for the Marquette at Notre Dame Basketball game which Marquette won 71-64.  After the game, I went court-side and asked Jay for a picture which he agreed to.
This past season (2011) I was selected to shoot Free-Throws during the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden where I won Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for a year.  As I was walking off the court I passed Jay Bilas who was covering the game and he pointed at me a winked.  I'm just going to pretend that he remembered meeting me 2 years earlier!

 Wesley Matthews, went undrafted and signed with the Utah Jazz.  After his first year he signed a 5-year deal with the Portland Trailblazers.  During my first semester at Marquette, Wes sat next to me during my theology class. When I wasn't falling asleep and being woken up by 50 Cent (Candyshop as my ringtone), I would talk to Wes about basketball.  During our four years at MU we saw each other regularly around campus and at MU basketball fan events. In my opinion Matthews was the hardest working player and was built to play in the NBA.  Which is why, when he went undrafted, and still made the Utah Jazz, I wasn't surprised at all. I wanted to go show my support for him when he came to my home city to play the Washington Wizards on March 27, 2010. My girl friend, Lizzy bought me his NBA jersey for Christmas and we decided to attend the game together. During warm-ups we went down to the court where Wes would hopefully see us. Within minutes, he came over and gave me a handshake and a hug. I congratulated him and we joked around about his rookie hazing. He asked where we were sitting and I pointed 15 rows up behind their bench. I then joked by asking "why do you want to give me your jersey?" and he said "Marquette already bought all of them" Since, I had his replica jersey, I asked him if he could sign it. We even got a group shot together!

Coach, Brent "Buzz" Williams, Marquette University Basketball - I have met Coach Williams multiple times and I would actually consider him a friend.  After making the Journal Sentinel during the Wisconsin at Marquette Basketball game for holding a sign "Hey Dad... My School's Better then Yours," Buzz ordered the print for me and had me come to his office to pick it up.  I also attended his weekly Radio show where Coach would walk around and say hello to everyone in attendance.  In my senior year at Marquette, Coach Buzz gave me tickets to the Marquette at Louisville game and to the Big East Tournament in NYC.  I also attended all fan events, such as "Marquette Madness" and "Marquette Fanatics Picnic." During MU's run to the Sweet Sixteen I was able to speak with Buzz briefly after MU's open practice.  Every time that I had an encounter with Coach Williams he called me "his guy."  In fact, while waiting in the student lines outside the Bradley Center or even standing in the student section prior to an MU game he would point at me and mouth "that's my guy." 

Mike Kelley (3.7.09 in Milwaukee, WI) - is the former point guard for the UW-Badgers that let the team to the Final Four in 2000.  Kelley now works for ESPN as a game announcer.  When Syracuse was in town to play Marquette on "Senior Night" Kelley was covering our game so during halftime I went to the center table to request a photo.  I told him that my older sister Cecile who attended UW when Kelley was a student had a massive crush on him.  He laughed and I thanked him for the photo.

Gaby Sanchez, (2010 in Arlington, VA & Washington DC) - Gaby is the first baseman for the Florida Marlins.  He went to college at the U and is married to my friends sister.  When the Marlins come to town to play the Nationals, Randy (my friend), Priscilla (Randy's wife), Judy (Randy's sister and Gaby's wife) and I, all hangout.  We obviously attend all the baseball games at Nationals Park, we even have VIP Family passes to go down to the locker-room.  We've also gone out to dinner.  But my most memorable time was when Gaby was suspended for fighting, and we had a BBQ where we played corn-hole!

Ryan Lochte, USA Olympic Gold Medalist (9.24.2010 in McLean, VA) - I was working a retail job at a store called Sport Fair that specialized in selling racing suits to swimmers.  Our store had a partnership with Speedo so every year we had a member of the U.S. Swimming Team come to our store for a signing session.  As an employee, we got to have dinner with Ryan Lochte the night before the signing.  We made dinner reservations at Wild Fire and ate in a private room.  During dinner, I could tell Ryan was bored so I mouthed to him "Drinks after?" because I didn't want any of my managers/boss to hear and he responded by giving me 2 thumbs up.  After dinner, when I approached him for a photo when he slipped me his number to text him the bar and address where we should meet up.  My co-worker suggested that we go to Clyde's so I texted him the address.  I didn't think he was going to actually show up but sure enough, he did.  We chilled for about 3 hours where we discussed his thoughts about Michael Phelps, life at University of Florida & hanging out with Tim Tebow.  Ryan even let my put on his blinged out necklace (boxing gloves made of diamonds).

 Coach, John Thompson III (3.8.2011 in New York City, NY) - While I was in NYC for the Big East Tournament and walking around the Georgetown Hoyas bus pulled up next to me and out walked Coach Thompson.  I approached him from behind saying "hey coach, can I please get a photo?" Before he turned around, he said "sure thing."  After seeing me all decked out in Marquette gear, he said "I'll only let take a photo with you if you put my jacket on." I replied "Let's trade then! You wear mine and I'll wear yours!" 

LaPhonso Ellis (3.9.2011 in New York City, NY) - was an All-America College Basketball player who played 10 years in the NBA.  He is now an analyst for ESPN and can be seen on "College Basketball Live." While walking the streets in Manhattan, I passed Ellis and was like "Hey that's LaPhonso!" and he smiled so I asked for a picture.  We quickly discussed his thoughts about the Big East Conference and I told him to keep praising Marquette on TV!

 James "Jim" Nantz (3.24.2011 in Newark, NJ) - Jim was covering the NCAA East Regional Basketball tournament at the Prudential Center.  I took the Bolt Bus from DC to Newark for $3.00 round-trip.  I wanted to attend the open practice held the day before the games.  I saw Marquette, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio State all practice for FREE!  During the 4th practice session, I was sitting front row watching OSU's Jon Diebler make 3 after 3 when Jim Nantz walked past me.  I quickly asked if we could get a photo.  He told me that I had a nice jersey and that Coach Al McGuire was his all-time favorite coach.  When we were posing for a photo someone asked Jim who he thought was going to win the Masters because he is known for his coverage during that Major Golf Tournament - A tradition unlike any other.

Clark Kellogg (3.25.2011 in Newark, NJ) After attending the Marquette vs North Carolina game & the Ohio State vs Kentucky game I returned to my hotel where I went straight to the bar.  While I was conversing with Lizzy and other MU fans when Clark Kellogg walked in.  He was gracious enough to take a moment and pose for a picture.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey Vince, let's get our Trophy Back!

Even though I was raised in the D.C. Area, I have been a Green Bay Packers fan since I was born. My Dad, a true Wisconsinite, introduced me to sports and the Packers.  When I was 10-years-old, he bought me my first cheese head.  I had to wear a baseball hat under the foam so it would fit.  
 I am now 25-years-old and the Packers are making their 3rd Super Bowl appearance in my lifetime in Arlington, TX at Cowboys Stadium.

The first time I saw the Packers play in a Super Bowl was in 1997 against the New England Patriots.  I was 12-years-old for Super Bowl XXXI (New Orleans) and I have five vivid memorize from watching on TV from our living room. 

1. Brett Favre’s first pass in his first Super Bowl appearance was a touchdown pass.
2. Desmond Howards 99-yard kick return.
3. Antonio Freemen’s 81-yard touchdown reception from Favre.
4. Favre running down the middle of the field holding his helmet high.
5. Reggie White running down the sideline with the Lombardi Trophy.

The Packers ended up killing the Patriots 35-21 but more importantly the Packers brought Vince Lombardi’s trophy back home to Green Bay.

The second time I saw Green Bay play was the following season in 1998 when I was a 6th grader.  My best friend in 6th grade was Ryan Noriega and his favorite team was the Denver Broncos.  It was only fitting that our two teams would meet in Super Bowl XXXII (San Diego).  This match-up was between two future Hall of Fame Quarterbacks, one in the prime of his career in Brett Favre and the other nearing the end of his career in John Elway.  

Even though the Packers lost 31-24, this was the best Super Bowl I had ever seen up-to-date. Watching Terrell Davis run for 3 touchdowns was frustrating.  Especially, when I learned that Davis had a migraine throughout the majority of the game.  Davis was awarded the Super Bowl MVP and to this day I cannot get his touchdown "mile-high salute" out of my head.   

Now, after waiting 13 years, the Packers are returning to the Super Bowl to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV (Dallas). Like the previous two Green Bay super bowls, I will be watching the game in the DC area with friends and family.  I wish I could afford a ticket to go to the BIG GAME but unfortunately, being a recent college graduate; I do not have the luxury yet.  One Day I will go to the Super Bowl to cheer on my GREEN BAY PACKERS in the SUPER BOWL!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Rose Bowl

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I am the black sheep in my family when it comes to not going to University of Wisconsin (Madison) for college. I decided to attend Marquette University in Milwaukee instead. However, since Marquette does not have a football team, I cheer for the Badgers in football.

That being said; minutes after Wisconsin beat Michigan in the Big House on Nov. 20 2010, I booked our flight and hotel to Los Angeles (LAX) even though there was one weekend left in the season. With Ohio State having to play Michigan in Columbus; Michigan State having to play at Penn State; and the Badgers hosting the nerds from Northwestern, I was confident Wisconsin was going to be headed to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. It was a bit of a risk because Wisconsin needed a three-way-tie with OSU and MSU or an MSU loss.

As the last week of the regular Big Ten season concluded, my gamble paid off with the Buckeyes, Spartans, and Badgers all winning, sending Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin received the invite to the Rose Bowl because they finished ahead OSU and MSU in the BCS standings.

Wisconsin was set to play Texas Christian University aka “The Little Sisters of the poor,” according to OSU president, E. Gordon Gee.


On Dec. 30 2010, my girl friend and I flew from Chicago (ORD) to LAX. While walking through the terminal at O’Hare, it was sight to see Badger fans waiting to board all the flights out west. Our American Airlines flight was 75% full of people wearing red. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of what was to come.

Once we arrived in LA and picked up our Hybrid from Hertz we went straight to In-N-Out Burger to get the true Southern Cal experience. Afterwards, we checked-in to our hotel at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills. My sister works for the Sofitel in Washington DC, so we were able to get an excellent rate.


We then drove to Santa Monica for the “Party on the Pier,” an event organized by the University of Wisconsin. We got caught in the stereotypical LA traffic, on the way the Pier, but nonetheless we made it. While walking across the overpass to the pier, we could see the Pacific Ocean and then we saw it… the Sea of Red! There were approximately 35,000 Badger fans gathering on the pier and in the parking lot. With a stage set up in the N.W. corner of the parking lot, the UW Band and Cheerleaders performed and former badger stars such as Heisman Trophy winner, Ron Dayne and Brooks Bollinger spoke about their past experiences at the Rose Bowl.

After spotting the 2010 Big Ten Champions arrive in 4 buses, Lizzy and I made our way through the sand to greet the players. I yelled at J.J. Watt “He J.J. can I get a picture?” “Sorry dude, I can’t,” he replied. At this moment I wished I were 20-years younger b/c he wouldn’t say no to a 5-year-old haha.

During the pep-rally, I met up with my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins. We then went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Il Fornaio. The food looked better then it tasted and the service was terrible. The cool thing about the restaurant was that Badger Fans occupied every single table.


We spent the last day of the 2010 year exploring. In the morning, we looked up breakfast places and came across Nate n’ Al which happened to be on an episode of Entourage. When we showed up, there was a 20-minute waiting list. The crowd was a mix of celebrities, TCU fans, Badger fans, and regulars.

While we were waiting to be seated, the greatest interviewer of all time, Larry King grazed shoulders with Lizzy. We were then seated next to a couple that were regulars. The man was on the phone with Scarlett Johansen and murmured to his friend that “Scarlett will here in 45-minutes.” The gentleman, who and the end, introduced himself as Peter, told us that Larry King lives a block away from Nate n’ Al’s and has breakfast here every morning. The lady, who did not give her name worked for the media. They were really nice people and seem to know a lot about celebrities.

After having the best breakfast of my life (bacon, eggs, bagel, and hashbrowns), we walked around Beverly Hills to do some window-shopping. Everywhere we turned we saw TCU and Wisconsin fans. Lizzy has a love for cupcakes so we went to a cupcake bakery called Sprinkles. We then decided to drive around 90210 and explore the houses. On the neighborhood street corners, tables were set up selling “celebrity house maps.” We decided not to buy one but we passed some gated homes where we saw celebrity tour busses parked outside the walls—So we knew we were in the correct location.

Afterwards, we drove to the Staples Center and visited the Downtown Area. When we arrived they were setting up for a TCU fan event. I overheard one TCU fan say “That’s the only Badger Fan (referring to me) I’ve seen all trip. He must be lost.” I looked at him and said, “You should have gone to Santa Monica yesterday b/c there were 40,000 people in red roaming around.”

Having already been to Hollywood, Lizzy and I decided to skip the Walk of Fame and go on the hunt for the Hollywood sign. We wanted to see how close we could get to the sign. We found ourselves in a neighborhood called Hollywoodland and got what seemed to be 400 yards away from the sign. After the hunt, we returned to our hotel to freshen up for New Years Eve.


I made a 6:30 reservation at Lawry’s Prime Rib in Beverly Hills when we booked our flights. I came across this restaurant after reading about the Beef Bowl. Lawry’s hosts the Beef Bowl where both Rose Bowl teams compete against one another eating 20 oz prime ribs. Wisconsin won the 2010 Beef Bowl with one Badger player eating seven 20 oz Prime ribs. I ordered the Beef Bowl Cut and struggled to finish it but succeeded!


After dinner, we returned back to the hotel to call it an early night. We stayed up to watch the Ball drop in New York’s Times Square and then went to sleep. We had to be up at 5am to head to Pasadena because we were told traffic and parking would be an issue if we left at 6:30 like we wanted.

We took the elevator down to the lobby, where we were greeted by 200 TCU fans waiting to board three charter busses bound for Pasadena. We parted the purple sea by walking right through them.

As we approached the stadium, we took the first exit for Pasadena because we saw the glow of break-lights a ¼ mile beyond the exit. We parked in Lot H for $40 right outside the stadium with the temperature hovering above freezing.

Lizzy and I walked towards Colorado Ave. in downtown Pasadena to go watch the Rose Bowl Parade. To be honest, I was not thrilled to attend the parade but attending this particular parade has been Lizzy’s dream. However, after hours of standing on the side of the road, watching marching bands, cowboys and floats pass—the wait was well worth it. The size and detail that went into the floats was amazing. I highly recommend attending this event in one’s lifetime.


We then walked back to the stadium to attend the public tailgate located between Lot H and the stadium. We enjoyed some good food but I highly recommend tailgating on your own, if you have the equipment.

Around 1:00pm we made our way towards Gate 4 of the Rose Bowl. Our seats were located in tunnel 4, row 9 seats 13 & 14. I have never heard of a section called tunnel 4 and found that interesting until we walked into the stadium. We literally had to walk through a dark tunnel to get to our seats. As we neared the end of the tunnel the Southern California sunlight started to appear and my heart started to race. A huge smile filled my face as I saw the perfectly green gridiron.

Our seats were located on the Badgers sideline 9 rows up on the 35-yardline! I was in awe when I saw our seats. Since we arrived early for the game, I was able to spot Ron Dayne on the sideline chatting to personnel. When I was 11-years-old my dad bought me Ron Dayne’s #33 Jersey for Christmas. As soon as I spotted the “Great Dayne” pointed at me and gave me the head nod!

The pre-game events were amazing—The TCU and UW bands performed; the U.S. Coast Guard had the game ball parachuted in; and during the national anthem there was a 4-jet flyover.


Attending the Rose Bowl was an awesome experience. The aerial view of the stadium is completely deceiving because 2/3 of the stadium was filled with red. The aerial makes it look like it was 50/50 but there was a distinct line where the red began and the purple ended (TCU fans had 5 sections).

Wisconsin received the opening kick and Monte Ball broke a 40-yard run on the opening play of the game. The drive ended with an opening field-goal. TCU responded immediately with a touchdown and the game went back and forth. Wisconsin concluded the first half with an approximately 6 minute drive and ended the half with a field goal. They headed to the locker room down by 1 point to TCU (14-13). I should mention that in the first quarter, the Badgers missed a field goal.

The second half was dominated by the Horned Frogs. The Badgers defensive coverage was terrible throughout the game. They played soft coveage and got burned by the long ball and quick slants. Wisconsin had a chance to tie the game with 2:00 minutes remaining in the game having just scored a touchdown to be down 19-21. Instead of running the ball with 1 of their 3 beast running backs, the Badgers tried to pass and failed to complete the 2-point conversion.

The Badgers lined up for an on-side-kick and failed to recover it. The TCU Horned Frogs converted a first down and were able to line up in victory formation. I was really disappointed with the way the entire Badgers team performed (coaches, offense, defense, and special teams). Congratulations to Texas Christian University for beating the Goliath of the Big Ten.

Even though my team lost… Having attended the Rose Bowl was an experience I’ll never forget. Special thanks go to my Papa for giving me the tickets for Christmas!

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