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Saturday, April 10, 2010

CABO is Paradise

My girl friend, Lizzy and I decided to go on a romantic vacation. She is currently living in the burbs of Chicago while I am living across the river from Washington DC. Even though, I love the cold, we agreed to give her a break from the Windy City and go somewhere warm. We narrowed the search between San Diego, CA and Cabo, Mexico. The only request I had was that wherever we go I wanted wanted to go whale watching and swim in the ocean. As a result, we decided to go south of the boarder (despite State Department warnings) and head to Cabo San Lucas.
After researching Cabo, I found that Cabo is one of the best whale watching locations in the world was Los Cabos (according to MSNBC). While researching whale watching companies, I read that Cabo offered awesome snorkeling tours which interested me. In addition, my best friend recommended that I go jet skiing. Luckily, we had 4 full days to enjoy our vacation--which meant we could do all these activities if we wanted.Lizzy's only desire was to relax. She is currently an aid in an Elementary School so she was eager to get a break from the kids and just sunbathe by the infinity pool. I promised that even if we did the activities I wanted to do, we'd still have time in the day to chill at the pool, which we did.
We stayed at an All-Inclusive Resort called the Riu Palace. When we checked-in to the resort we were immediately offered a drink of our choice. Shortly after, we noticed these men representing companies such as Travelocity and Apple Vacations. Since we booked our trip through Travelocity, we approached the desk and asked the guy to help us make reservations for our activities. The guy who's name is Ricardo, gladly took the time and booked us all our activities in 45 minutes. He was an honest, friendly, and flat out awesome guy.
Whale Watching - We went whale watching with Ocean Riders, the #1 rated whale watching company according to Ricardo. The cost of the tour was $70 US dollars per person and lasted a little over 2 hours because when we were returning to the marina our captain saw a Whale Shark so he circled to try to show us. Let me tell you, this experience was definitely worth the money! We were lucky because we spotted and followed a pod (5) Humpback Whales. We were so close to these beautiful mammals that I did not even need to use my zoom on my Canon digital camera.

Jet Skiing - We rented a jet ski for 1 hour for $90 US dollars which included Lizzy riding on the back of mine. I forgot the name of the company we used but I think it was called Baja Adventures. The company wasn't really friendly and they were dishonest but in the end I got what I wanted. The only regulations the company had while riding was not to pass a certain hotel along the coast but everything else was fair game. So as soon as Lizzy and I jumped on... I booked it! While we were on the Sea of Cortez, I got a feel for the jet ski. After we rounded the peninsula, I floored it out to the Pacific! The water was really choppy/wavy causing us the get airborne. There were several occasions when Lizzy almost flew off. I was so happy I wore sunglasses while on the jet ski because my face kept getting trenched by the waves. I was really upset because I left my camera in the locker on the beach so I couldn't take pictures of the sea lions bathing on the rocks by the famous Arch. Snorkeling - Lizzy and I went on a 4.5 hour snorkeling tour with the company called Pez Gato. We departed the marina on a catamaran (sailboat) named the Pez Gato II which we sailed down the coast to Santa Maria Bay. The cost of the tour was $45 US dollars per person which included the equipment (masks and flippers), lunch (ham and cheese sandwich), and an open-bar!!! I was disappointed in the quality not quantity of fish--I saw a ton of fish but I was expecting more colorful ones. The water clarity was perfect--the color was breath taking! On the way back to the marina, we ate lunch, jammed to the music, and took tequila shots!
Our stay in Cabo was amazing. The Riu Palace was a great place to stay and I highly recommend it. The food was average (it was presented well but it looked better then it tasted). The service by the employees was great . In addition to the general buffet, our resort had 4 restaurants on site: The Steakhouse, Mexican, Misaki (Japanese), and Krystal (being the nicest) which all required reservations. We only ate at the Steakhouse and Mexican. We heard from a group of friends that the Krystal was over-rated and not worth waking up at 645am to make a reservation (1st come, 1st served) because the main course was awful (the desert wasn't apparently). We really enjoyed the steakhouse where we both ordered the rib-eye. The Mexican restaurant had the best view and an excellent salad bar. The fajitas (beef and chicken) were average.
On our last night we decided to go explore dinning in town so we headed to Mi Casa which was delicious! It looks like a little shack from the outside but insides it's ginormous and colorful. If you want a fun and tasty atmosphere in Cabo... head to Mi Casa (not my house) haha!

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