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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marquette GoldenEaglesFan see's Wade in DC

Yesterday, I was on the Washington Wizards website when an ad came up saying that all Wednesday games is student night! I looked at the schedule and saw the WizKidz were going to play the Miami Heat which meant Dwayne Wade, former star Marquette star that lead the Golden Eagles to the Final Four was going to be in town! When I saw that tickets were only $10 with a student ID, I used my old MU ID b/c there's no date on it!

Of course, our seats were in the nose bleeds, but we had plans to sneak into the lower bowl. After the first quarter and the Heat man handling the Wizards we took the escalators from the 400 level to the lower bowl. We snuck into the lower bowl with the usher wasn't paying attention and watched a terrific basketball game.

I gotta give the Wizards credit because they came back from a 20-point deficit to make it a game in the 2nd half. The score was changing every possession (one moment Heat where up then after looking down to have a sip of beer Wizards were up).

Then with 2 minutes to go in the game, I moved seats again to sit along the rail were the Miami players exit the court, to head to the locker-room. Wade and the Heat took control in the last 2 minutes blocking shots and making free-trows which gave them the 4 point victory.

At the end of the game I was in perfect position to get my Marquette #3 Dwayne Wade jersey signed. Wade came running off the court high-five everyone and saw my jersey and paused, then gave me a high five and ran into the locker-room. Not to sound greedy but I really wanted my jersey signed! I already got a high-five from Wade when he came to Milwaukee for Marquette Madness! Oh well, maybe next time he'll sign it!

The Heat won the game 93-89 with Wade scoring 40 points! It's always great to see former Marquette players succeed.


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