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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grad Searching Employment

Most people growing up change their minds of what they want to be when they grow up. Most boys say I want to be a fireman. I want to be a truck driver. I want to be a policeman. But when boys become teens they realize they want to become scientists, engineers, lawyers or doctors. Then once in college they study biology, take physics, read a ton of cases or cut up cadavers.

Well for me... my vision growing up has never changed. I have always wanted to work in athletics whether it was for a college or professional team. Most people go through phases in life where they change their appearances. Not me. I dress the same as I did when I was five years old. Weather permitting I wear shorts with a lanyard hanging out of my left pocket, flip flops, and a sports jersey or t-shirt.

My nickname growing up was Wisco because all I wore was Badger stuff since my entire family attended UW-Madison. I broke the tradition by attending Marquette. During those 2 hours in December when MU battles UW-- "I am not part of the Remington family" said my Grandma. Here is a list of what I am up against in this family rivalry.

UW-Madison Almuns
- My grandparents
- My dad
- My sister
- 4 uncles
- 1 aunt
- 8 cousins
- (3 cousins: prospective students)

Marquette Alums
- ME

As you can see, I stand out. My passion has always been sports and God has given me the gifts of being able to write properly and be creative. I would love to apply my talents to work for an athletic department. I have example of my work posted on my digital portfolio at www.GoldenEaglesFan.weebly.com Where you can also find my resume posted.

I work well both individually and in team settings. I can help in a front office answersing calls, dealing with fans, alumns and customers. I can promote and market a team by using social media or creating print ads. As a graduate in communications I have strong interpersonal skills so I can create events and meet and greet donors. Anything dealing with communications and or public relations -- I would be a great asset!

So please if you want a young, creative and passionate individual please consider me.

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